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Use Our Digital Medium to Reach Residents with Relevant and Informative Information

At 30Seconds, we focus on digital transformation solutions to enhance resident communication and engagement in residential and commercial properties. Our approach combines a cloud-based management platform with custom digital noticeboards in lift lobbies. These noticeboards deliver real-time updates, announcements, and tailored content, improving the tenant experience.

Furthermore, our product offers a turn-key solution to the updated requirements as set out within the Building Safety Act, thereby reducing the impact on property managers and residents.

Our Products

Instant Communication

Our digital noticeboards provide the ability to share vital information such as building safety decisions, directly to the residents and visitors present within the property. This can be done instantly or on a pro-active basis.

Secure & Compliant Data Management

With GDPR at the forefront, the cloud platform ensures all resident data is securely stored and processed. Feedback, personal details and footfall data are encrypted and handled following the latest data protection regulations.

Active Resident Involvement

Enable residents to voice their opinions on building safety decisions through the QR code on noticeboards, such as feedback forms, interactive polls, and surveys. This aligns with the mandate for involving residents in crucial building safety choices.

Documentation & Record Keeping

Digital archives of all public notifications, updates, interactions, and feedback sessions, aiding in the legal mandate of record-keeping.

Alignment with Resident Engagement Strategy

Enhances the aesthetics of the building, promoting a modern, tech-friendly image.

Fosters a 24/7 communication channel between property managers and residents.

Enlivens the foyer, creating a dynamic and engaging environment for both residents and visitors.

Contributes to sustainability efforts by reducing the need for paper notices and leaflets.


Bespoke Digital Noticeboard

Empowers property managers with the ability to create, manage and publish building notices anytime, anywhere.

Brings all building notices under one umbrella for easy management.

Provides flexibility to schedule notices to be played automatically at specific times.

Seamlessly integrates with the existing tenant portal, ensuring a uniform tenant experience.


Online Notice Management Platform

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What Our Partners Say

“The digital noticeboard is a smart and innovative solution to an industry-wide problem. The benefit of being able to instantaneously communicate on our developments is immeasurable. A great product coupled with great people means that the process has been a real pleasure.”

Paul Hitchen


“Great product backed up by a team of enthusiastic conscientious individuals. Love the ease at which the system is operated, looks fantastic in situ too.”

Lee Hill


“Great innovative idea, great service and great people. No issues what so ever and would absolutely recommend.”

Adam Peer

Warwick Estates

“I have worked with 30Seconds for a number of years and have the digital screens in several of my buildings. From enquiry all the way through to installation, information and updates were always provided. The staff are always on hand for any Technical advice/queries following the installation also.”

Katie Murphy

Rendall and Rittner


Multi Award Winners

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