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Enhance your resident engagement, operational efficiency and sustainability through our management platform and displays, adapting seamlessly to regulatory changes of the UK's Building Safety Act for improved tenant communication.

Speak to your audience where it matters most; where they live and work, in a distraction-free environment to a captive audience.

For Residents

Enhance the property's communal areas, whilst improving communication, security and safety through our dynamic and engaging digital platform.


Our story began in 2018 in the vibrant city of Manchester, born from a vision to build an indoor media channel to enable the property managing sector and brands to reach and engage with inner-city dwellers.

Now we have expanded our footprint to London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and other main cities in the UK. 30Seconds Group aims to build a world-leading indoor media channel which empowers our partners to connect and engage with people they care about and value.








Our digital screens are strategically positioned in the entrance foyers and lift lobbies of residential and office buildings for maximum exposure.

With an average dwell time of 30 seconds, our displays provide ample time for viewers to absorb the message. This extended interaction allows for deeper engagement, making it an ideal platform for delivering impactful and memorable content.

Connect and Engage

30Seconds Group is the UK's leading indoor media channel, connecting properties and brands with people where they live and work.

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